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line-asterick-not-touching1Featured Project: Four Winds Jewelry WebsiteFour Winds Jewelry Website Design and Development

We had our hand in every aspect of this website. The client wanted a site that would showcase their own handmade jewelry lines as well as entice people into their physical full-service jewelry store.  Beautiful product photography was paramount. We shot their gold and silver arrowhead pendants both against a white background and against some rugged rocks to play up their texture.  We also shot their line of opal rings, (opal is notoriously hard to photograph because of its translucency) as well as some select pieces of antique jewelry.

The client didn’t want a full blown e-commerce site, so we included an Etsy Mini shop that links to their existing Etsy shop. We also created gallery pages for each type of jewelry with lightboxes that include item descriptions and links to each product on Etsy. We also wrote the website content and item descriptions.

How We Work

Our small size means that we can give each client, no matter their size, personalized, timely, and affordable service. We understand that for many, commissioning a new or redesigned website can feel daunting. We aim to make the process as easy as possible by offering to handle every aspect of its creation.

We believe simple, minimal design (but with character) looks best. Besides looking good (obviously) and reflecting your company’s image, we believe that your website should be logically organized for your viewer so that they can easily find whatever information they are looking for. (Our pet peeve is websites with confusing navigation.) We accomplish this through careful planning at the initial stage of design.

We mostly create websites using WordPress. They can be made fully responsive, meaning they will look great across all platforms: desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile designs. (To see this in action, try resizing your browser.) Also, once everything is all set up, the WordPress platform is fairly easy to update. So, if you like, we can teach you have to update your site yourself- be it your fully integrated blog, new products or photos.

If you are looking for an e-commerce site, there are many other platforms available. We can advise you on what is most suited for your business depending on your budget and number of products.

We Can:

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