SEO & Social Media Marketing

line-asterick-not-touching1What’s the use of having a fancy, new website if it fails to get a lot of traffic? We can make sure your website receives the traffic your business needs and deserves. How do we do this? The short answer is through search engine optimization and social media integration.

Before starting your site, we will work with you to define target keywords, and optimize for them specifically. (So that when someone searches for those words your website is sure to come up in the results.)

We will also advise you on the benefits of integrating social media and/or maintaining a blog on your site. More and more weight is being given to these features by search engines, but maintaining them can also be a lot of work. We will help you decide what level of integration and commitment is right for you.

Standard Services

  • Advise on SEO and social media
  • Keyword optimization
  • Integrate your social media accounts with your site
  • Create a blog feature on your site, or integrate your existing blog
  • Set up a Google Analytics account so you can track the traffic of your site

Extra Services

  • Set up and/or maintain social media accounts
  • Help you craft blog posts
  • Advise on¬†advertising and/or set up and run ads
  • Help you define your target market