line-asterick-not-touching1Black Chevron Design is small creative studio in New York City founded by partners Coral Silverman and Vitor Teixeira. Both come from a fine-art and illustration background, and each bring additional skills to the studio. Working as a team, every project benefits from their collaborative efforts, as their skill sets augment and enhance one another.

Coral SilvermanCoral specializes in web design and development, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, photo styling, and illustration. When not working on BCD projects, Coral enjoys painting, writing about art for her website Culture Crux, and cooking vegetarian food.
Vitor TeixeiraVitor specializes in photography, logo and graphic design, and illustration. (He also speaks native Brazilian Portuguese.) In addition to working on BCD projects, Vitor enjoys shooting band photos, time-lapse photography, t-shirt design, and riding around NYC on his vintage blue Shwinn.

Black Chevron Design also has some seriously talented friends at their disposal, should the project require it.

Alisha Trimble and Coral Silverman met in art school in San Francisco. They have since both moved to the other coast and never looked back. Alisha is a rising fashion design star who designs and creates ready to wear and bespoke women’s clothing. We think she also does some fantastic hand lettering and illustration. Need content for your fashion website or blog? She also writes about fashion and culture for Zink magazine and various other web and print publications.


Design Philosophy

We believe simple, minimal design looks best.

Besides looking good (obviously) and reflecting your company’s image, we believe that your website should be logically organized for your viewer so that they can easily find whatever information they are looking for.  (Our pet peeve is websites with confusing navigation.) More than just being beautiful, your website also needs to be functional. But we will be sure to make it beautiful too, of course.

We also think your website and overall image should have character (there are 7 billion people in the world!) in order to stand out from the crowd.  We can help with that.

Overall Philosophy

Call us naive, but we like to think we can make a difference in the world.

We started this company to help small and medium sized businesses, creative individuals, and non-profit organizations compete in the global competitive marketplace currently dominated by multinational corporations. We think it is important that individuals be able to choose the autonomy that running their own business affords. (We know how hard it can be too, but we think it is worth it.) We want to help you succeed.

We offer discounts to artists, and social and environmental organizations.

We also love to barter.  Have a service or good you think we might like?  Please get in touch.